Cryotherapy News

Cryotherapy News

Want to know what everyone is talking about in the cryotherapy world? Below are links to articles and blog posts that cover the full spectrum of cryotherapy news and experiences!
July 2018

What Exactly is Cryotherapy?  I Tried It
Amanda Tarlton,


December 2017
June 2017


Cryotherapy for MS
Cir & Akrista,

Cryotherapy: Is It The Coolest Thing In Sports Medicine?
Scott Ostler,

May 2017
December 2016

Ice Age
Kristin Vukovic,

The Deep Freeze: We Tried Cryotherapy at Polaris
Coco Marett,

Progressive Medical Center’s Dr. Gez Agolli on Cryotherapy
Dana Barrett, The Dana Barrett Show

November 2016

How to Solve Jet Lag in Just 3 Minutes!
Lane Nieset,

The Cryotherapy Revolution Has Arrived!
Annie Negrin, MD,

5 Cutting-Edge Exercise Machines We’d Like To Have In Our Gym
Lou Schuler,

Cryotherapy: How It Feels To Get Frozen To -110 Degrees
Dominique Afacan,

October 2016

Is Supercooling the Body an Effective Therapy?
Dina Fine Maron,

London’s Coolest New Beauty Trend
Jennifer Mason,

Cryotherapy for Golf: Taking a Deep Freeze to Stay Hot
Michael Chwasky,

Cold Shocking the Body – Exploring Cryotherapy, Cold-Water Immersion, and Cold-Stress
Rhonda Perciavalle Patrick, Ph.D.,

What It’s Really Like To Try Cryotherapy
Cat Crowe,

The Founder of Bulletproof Coffee Plans To Live To Be 180 Years Old – Here’s His Daily Routine
Leanna Garfield, Business Insider

Ready to Get Cold?

September 2016
August 2016
July 2016

New Cryo Chambers Give Bucs Recovery Edge
Scott Smith,

Model Elsa Hosk Tells Us Her Crazy Beauty Secret
Andrea Navarro,

4 Athletes That Swear by Cryotherapy
Amanda Reynolds,

Cool Down This Summer: Everything You Need To Know About Cryotherapy
Mary Kesinger,

The What The Heck Effect!?!? part deux
Dr. Shauna K. Young,

The What The Heck Effect!?!? part one
Jason Skeens,

Crazy Spa Treatments Every Athlete Should Try
Samantha LaFave,

June 2016

Full Body Cryotherapy – Could it Help Autoimmune Issues?
Paleo On The Go,

Brrrrr …. Everything You Need To Know About Cryotherapy
Lauryn Evarts,

Cryotherapy: What is it Like?
Jolene Goring,

And Now for a Mental Health Check Up
Maria Tettamanti,

Cold Dieting and Cryotherapy, What You Need To Know

May 2016

‘So cold!’ Demi Lovato tries cryotherapy treatment in -200F chamber to help her recover from gruelling workout
Iona Kirby,

Freezing for Beauty: A Review of Hong Kong’s First Cryotherapy Centre
Venus Wong, Hong Kong Tatler

Getting cold to remove the pain, cryotherapy comes to Montgomery – Video
Hannah Lane,

Forget Ice Baths—Runners are Trying Cryotherapy Instead
Monica Olivas, Women’s Running

I dare you to… try cryotherapy
Michelle Dederko,

Cryotherapy claims health benefits – Video
Charlotte Deleste, WISCTV, Madison, WI

Cryotherapy at Cerulean
Fabulous Arizona

Getting cold and bold with whole body cryotherapy
Dave Templeton, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Cryotherapy: Separating the Myth from what Matters
Scottsdale Sports Medicine Institute

James Shields Talks Cryotherapy – video
James Shields, Pitcher, San Diego Padres

Crazy Spa Treatments Every Athlete Should Try
Samantha Lafave, Fitness

Cryotherapy: My 3 Minutes At -300 Degrees
Kevin Kruse,

February 2016

How Extreme Hot and Cold Could Hold the Key to Your Best Body
Steve Macari of The Wave State,

January 2016

Here’s Why You Should Start Doing Cryotherapy– There’s no better reason to chill out than this
Sean Abrams,

Take Me To The Cooler – Cryotherapy can turbo-charge your body’s natural ability to heal
Jay Cardiello, Men’s

December 2015

Bryan LifePoint Health Journey: Shawn Hamilton – video
Bryan Health, YouTube Channel

November 2015

Why Rich People are Freezing Themselves
Sam Dangremond,

September 2015
February 2015

The New “Cold” Diet?
Becky Woorley,

February 2013


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